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Aunt Peaches Wax Paper Butterfly DIY

Spring has sprung! These vibrant butterflies are a terrific way to welcome season! Clipped onto spring branches or suspend from the ceiling with fishing line, butterflies are a festive way celebrate the warmer months ahead. This activity makes for a fast and easy craft with impressive results, perfect for a classroom or party craft (so long as there is an adult on hand to handle the iron). Kids of all ages enjoy seeing the magical transformation that occurs when their drawing is duplicated into a symmetrical design. Let’s get started!

2 Materials


  • Pentel Oil Pastels
  • wax paper
  • aluminum foil
  • pipe cleaners
  • scissors
  • iron
  • towel or rags (to protect surfaces)

3 wax-paper-folded
After tearing off a large piece of wax paper, fold it down the middle and lay flat.


4 color-one-half

Use Pentel oil pastels to draw on the right side. Strong colors and contrasting shapes will show your design to its best advantage!


5 fold-over

Fold the left half of the wax paper over the right side. Your drawing should now be ‘sandwiched’ between the wax paper.

6 foil-on-top

Insert the wax paper between a towel and piece of aluminum foil.

7 iron-in-circles
In a ventilated area, iron the surface of the aluminum foil for 20 seconds using circular motions and medium-high heat.
8 reflective-reveal

Immediately remove the foil and unfold the wax paper revealing your design, now symmetrically imprinted on both sides (just like a butterfly!)

9 butterfly-cutting-

After letting the oil pastels cool for a minute, fold it again and trim off the inner corners.

10 butterfly-pipecleaner

Fold a pipe cleaner in half and insert down the center line of the wax paper.

11 twist-pipecleaner

Twist off the bottom and top 2” of the pipe cleaner, creating a body at the bottom and 2 antennae at the top.

12 Butterfly-pastel-easter-tree

Use a paperclip to hang your butterfly on branches, or tape it to a window or favorite admiring spot.


13 Patel-butterfly

The wax paper is semi-translucent which allows the light to shine through and show off your handiwork.



14 Two-butterflies

There is no limit to the number of designs (or butterflies) you can make. This is a fantastic activity for a classroom or community setting.

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