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Things Can Change In An Instant

My daughter is in Chile. She went on vacation with friends and was touring the country when the earthquake struck. Her friend from college moved to Chile about a year ago and started his own tour company (Knowmad Adventures if you ever get to Chile). My daughter and two other friends from college, who live in different areas of the U.S. were to meet in Chile, go on the tour, reminisce about their college days, and have a great time.

They arrived six days before the earthquake and were thoroughly enjoying the sights, sounds, and all that Chile has to offer. Then on Friday night while they were asleep, the dogs started barking and the earth started moving. Luckily they were about 400 miles from the epicenter so they only felt moderate shaking.

As a parent, I panicked. Where was she? I didn’t have the tour itinerary. How extensive was the damage? What’s the emergency response in Chile? And many more questions ran through my head many of them not pleasant.

After a sleepless night and a few anxious hours into the morning, I got the email. “Mom and Dad, not sure if you’ve heard but there was an 8.8 earthquake in Chile. Just want you to know that we’re all ok and weren’t affected.” That’s when you know that you raised a child to be a caring adult. With all the excitement going on around her (the nationals were panicking for their loved ones in the affected areas), she thought to write us and let us know she was ok. And to further illustrate what a caring person she is, she posted on Facebook “We’re ok but we’re concerned about the people to the north of us whose lives changed in an instant.” My heart was full.

This caring attitude is something that is as important in business as it is in our personal lives. Hopefully many of you have donated to causes that are near and dear to your hearts over the course of your lives. Donations of time and actions are as important as money.

I’m particularly proud to be associated with Pentel of America. The employees have given of their time, walking in the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk to raise funds for research, and participating in the Walk for Hope with the City of Hope. The company has donated pens to Africa through the Pens for Kids Foundation.

From Mt Kenya in Central Kenya. This school had over 1000 kids.

Pentel sent pens to Kenya. This area is an area populated by people of the Kikuyu tribe – the major tribe in Kenya.

The newest charitable effort that Pentel is taking part in is promoting the sale of City of Hope Bracelets. The bracelets will be on sale on the pentel.com website for $5./each very shortly. The entire $5. will be given to the City of Hope to help in their research to help fight cancer.

We never know how quickly our lives can change. The important thing is to live a life that you can be proud of. “It’s not the life you live that matters, it’s how you live that life that matters.”

Pentel Walk for Hope Team

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