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The Office Stylist: Working On The Go? Here Are 5 Things You Need To Have!

“Working on the go is something that’s become a complete norm now with so many freelancers and telecommuters. Not every job requires travel but I’m talking about even the day to day of shuffling from meeting to meeting. I’d create a work on the go kit if I could OR you can just round up your own stuff and keep it together.

The essentials:

1. An amazing work bag


This is for the gentlemen out there too, a reliable, professional and stylish work bag is a must have. This bag represents you (as the rest of your work attire does) but its also meant to haul around your “office on the go” too. Choose wisely and invest in a great bag, something that can last a LONG time and carry a lot of stuff too. If your bag is in tatters or something comparable to a brown paper bag, you’re not going to be taken seriously and you run the risk of it falling apart before, during or after an important meeting.

2. Office Supplies


Its a given but how many times have you scrambled through your car for a pen when yours ran out of ink? Or you had to take a conference call while pulled over on the side of the road but had to take notes on the inside of your hand? You should have 5 pens, a legal pad, sticky notes and maybe even a couple paper clips while on the go. Keep these all with you in your work bag and use other supplies when you’d back at your desk.”

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