8/28/2013 | DIY/Creative Ideas, Product Reviews


The Office Stylist: Libretto Pen & Pencil Set Review

For those of you whom aren’t obsessed with office supplies like the rest of us, you probably think all pens are created equal. That is SO not the case since every pen has things you like or dislike about it and work for different people. I love gel pens but hate how they smear, other people LOVE gel pens and somehow manage to not smear ink all over the place. To each their own I suppose.


Anyway, back to the pen at hand, I LOVED how smooth it wrote. Its also a lot heavier then other Pentel pens because its just built differently and its built as your long term pen and once the ink is done, you just need to buy one of their refills. The pen that comes in this set also reminds me of what I’d call a “client pen”, its what you hand to clients to sign off on a deal and on the dotted line. This pen means business.

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This blog post was created by The Office Stylist in partnership with Pentel of America.

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