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The Office Stylist: How To Style Your Workspace When You Love Clutter

Looking for ideas to make your workspace more creative and enjoyable? Get a few tips from Sayeh, The Office Stylist. Pentel of America has partnered up with The Office Stylist to bring you the latest in office supply and work space trends, on a weekly basis! Check in every Wednesday for the latest.

“I know it sounds crazy— who LOVES clutter? You’d be surprised to know that a lot of people love what I call “organized chaos.” It’s a form of clutter that actually can work in your workspace, depending on your personality type. If you need to have clutter around though, what can you do to style your office?


Really organize the chaos

The above photos might look a little chaotic, but notice that even in the chaos, everything has it’s place-that’s exactly what organized chaos is. All of the pens and pencils have their cups, ribbons have a line, and bills and important paperwork have their folders or their stacks in a letter tray. Personally, these spaces are still considered cluttered because of the sheer number of things present, but they’re still organized in their own way. This should be the first rule for a person who loves clutter: as long as you have a method to the madness, your space will still look great!”

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