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The Launch Of Pentel Arts Hybrid Technica

NAMTA, The International Arts Material Trade Association, is the only trade event dedicated exclusively to fine art materials and the people who produce and sell them. Pentel Arts, a division of Pentel, was a proud participant once again this year.

With a new year comes a new launch and this time Pentel Arts introduced their newest product: Hybrid Technica.

The many retailers in attendance were pleased with the new product and were drawn to its distinctive features. In attendance at the Pentel Arts booth was a superior pen and ink artist, Paul Reynolds. Paul has had the experience of using technical pens for 25 years. He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Illustration at Oxford and Cambridge University before receiving his Master of Fine Arts Degree at The School for Visual Arts in New York.

“At last Pentel Arts has made the Hybrid Technica with its pigmented, archival roller system; now I don’t have to worry about my pen failing in the middle of my artwork,” Paul commented.

The big difference between the Pentel Arts Hybrid Technica and other art pens is the “tungsten carbide” tip. This type of tip allows for “consistent” lines without skipping or fading. Paul also commented “I can depend on the tungsten carbide roller tip and ink delivery for unparallel line control. It doesn’t skip or blotch ink, I get the actual line width as described on the packaging. BLACK is BACK with Hybrid Technica”.

The newly launched Pentel Arts Hybrid Technica was featured as one of the “What’s Exciting to See in the Exhibit Hall” products at NAMTA….and an overall great response was received.

We were fortunate enough to have Mr. Reynolds demonstrate the capability of the Hybrid Technica with a truly intricate sketch of the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis as shown below:

reynolds_pentel4Paul Reynolds created this in the Pentel booth with the Hybrid Technica

“I encourage the emerging artist to consider using Pentel Arts products to easily achieve results in a variety of classic styles. If I choose to create a sketch with my Hybrid Technica, I can transform it into a fine line drawing with the same pen in different line sizes. I’ll make gray washes of the Hybrid Technica using my Pentel Arts Aquash Brush, add precise colors with Pentel Arts Sliccis, soften edges with Pentel Arts White Sunburst Metallic Gel and add some shiny highlights with Pentel Arts Slicci Metallic gel pens.

To view Paul Reynold’s full testimonial Click Here. Please visit Paul’s website for more information on Paul Reynolds.

reynolds_pentel13Paul shows off his finished drawing

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