Pentel – Where to Buy

Pentel – Where to Buy
Tag: Hybrid Technica

4/29/2010 | Product Reviews


The Launch Of Pentel Arts Hybrid Technica

NAMTA, The International Arts Material Trade Association, is the only trade event dedicated exclusively to fine art materials and the people who produce and sell them. Pentel Arts, a division of Pentel, was a proud participant once again this year. With a new year comes a new launch and this time Pentel Arts introduced their […]

3/11/2010 | Promotional


How You Declare Your Independence

Did you know that a day in January, on John Hancock’s birthday, is known as National Handwriting Day? Of course, John Hancock is well known for his famous signature on the Declaration of Independence. This year, we asked you to write (in handwriting!) “How Do You Declare Your Independence”? The prize was a day of […]