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7/25/2012 | Product Reviews


Featured Blogger Product Review: Energel X Gel Pens

This review was written by Azizah from Gourmet Pens, a Pentel Featured Blogger. Azizah received no monetary compensation for this entry. “I was honored (and super excited) to receive a parcel from Pentel, pretty much one of the most drool worthy pen manufacturers ever and magical like a liger. I had no idea what would […]

3/16/2012 | Product Reviews


Pen-Fessional : To Click Or Not To Click- An EnerGel-X Pen Review

This review was written by Matt Kaspar, a Pentel PEN-fessional. Matt received no monetary compensation for this review. To click or not to click, that’s the question I’ve never wanted to ask or answer. Over my handwriting lifespan I have never taken to retractable pens. The ink was globby or came out in erratic bursts, […]

9/28/2011 | Product Reviews


Spirit Of Wonder Wednesday – Review Of The Pentel Energel-X

This review was written by Katherine Bartlett, blog owner of Our Whiskey Lullaby. We sent her a pack of our EnerGel-X pens to review. Speaking of EnerGel-X… have you entered our sweepstakes? You could win a car! In our house, it’s very hard to find a good pen. Or even just a pen for that […]

1/7/2011 | Product Reviews


Mightier Than The Sword

Review: Pentel EnerGel X Guest Blog by Pentel PEN-fessional Alicia, Wolf and Pen Blog: Recently Pentel of America sent me a couple of their new EnerGel pens, the EnerGel X. As you know, I’m a big fan of the regular EnerGel pens so I was pretty excited to try these guys out and see […]