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Spring Cleaning: Start With Your Home Office!

It’s hard to be creative when your desk is piled with junk. Stop losing pens among the clutter on your desk. It’s time for spring cleaning! Real Simple Magazine shares 20 tricks to declutter your space.


1. If you tend to make piles of papers, use PileSmart binder clips (right)―equipped with erasable labels―to fasten papers together by category and quickly find what you need. To buy: $4 for a pack of 6, amazon.com.

2. The top of the myKeyO keyboard lifts up to reveal storage for desk doodads, like pushpins. To buy: $30, keyboardorganizer.com.

3. Conceal excess wires by coiling them inside the cute and discreet rubberized Cable Turtle. To buy: $7 to $14, containerstore.com.

4. Rolodexes aren’t just for business contacts. Use them for recipes, website log-ons, and passwords.

5. An adjustable desk organizer lets you sort mail by category (bills to pay, bills to file).

6. Magnetic Erasable Labels attach easily to metal shelving, boxes, and bins. To buy: $11 for five, containerstore.com.

7. Create a hierarchy system for e-mail folders by using an A in front of each label for most-used folders and a Z for those used least.

8. Designate one day of each year to buy birthday cards for friends and family so you’ll never have to do a last-minute drugstore run.

9. Stash files in the pretty patterned Scandinavian Modern file tote (right) with handles for easy access. To buy: $20, galison.com.

10. Repurpose ice-cube trays as desk-drawer organizers.

Read 10 more here: http://ow.ly/9lGMq or add your ideas in the comments below!

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