9/14/2011 | Education


Spirit Of Wonder Wednesday – How Much Art Is Enough?

Fitness: Thirty minutes a day. That’s how much time – minimum – the Mayo Clinic says we should spend walking, running or doing other aerobic exercise in order to live longer.


But what about art? Is art a necessity, especially for children in school? And if it is, how much, and how long?


Thirty minutes a week — which is how much art instruction elementary school kids in Milton, Massachusetts are currently getting — isn’t enough, a group of parents are saying. They’ve formed a group called the Milton Visual Arts Alliance to pressure their local school district to up the amount of art classes their children are getting. Recent budget cuts in the district sent arts education packing. Art is vital for kids who are growing as people as well as test-takers and job-seekers, the parents are saying.


Children enjoy art – and it’s good for them!
With funding tight in schools across the country, what’s necessary and what’s just nice? In Milton, one elementary school art teacher is split between four different schools, the Boston Globe reports. That works out to 30 minutes a week — for half of the school year — amounting to 10.5 hours of art class per year. That’s a fraction of how much art instruction neighboring school districts provide their children, parents say.

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