3/12/2015 | Entertaining


Signs That You’re A Pentel Addict

We all have our vices, and ours (like you) just happen to be arts and crafts. Here are the top seven signs that you are a Pentel addict:

  1. You proudly wear ink smudges on your hands or clothing like they’re an accessory. 
  2. You take it personally when your pen runs out of ink:When my favorite pen runs out of ink
  3. Picking your favorite pen is like picking your favorite child — impossible (or at least that’s what we tell our children and pens).
  4. To you, pen pals aren’t who you write to, it’s what you call your pens:
  5. Daily to-do lists are your jam.
  6. Some people love the smell of coffee in the morning…but you, you love the smell of markers. 
  7. Whenever you misplace your precious pen, you look exactly like this: 

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Comment from Sally D.
March 13, 2015 at 10:25 am

Congrats to whomever wrote this and chose the pics and clips! I totally relate to all of it! LOL
Excellent job!

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