4/23/2012 | DIY/Creative Ideas, Education


Putting A Creative Spin On Custom Shoe Designs

Chris MacCharles, owner of Breakthrough Tattoo in Upland, Ca., has taken his talents beyond skin inking. His passion for art can also be seen in his custom Vans shoe designs. We were ecstatic to learn that he has found the best tools for his work in our Pentel Arts line. Blown away by his talent, we just had to share his art with all of you!


This is his story: “I prompted VANS to take notice of my designs and art that I have been painting on their shoes. Ever since, VANS has been donating some of their, hard to find, display shoes to be painted and put on display at conventions and art shows that I have been working at and attending.

After trying many different brands of paints and markers the Pentel Fabric Gel Roller Pens have made drawing and painting my custom shoes so much easier. They give a smooth, consistent line, where in the past other brands tend to spread and make for a messy look. They are also easier to control on the fabric. Especially on the canvas of a shoe which is not as smooth. There is no spreading or bleeding. They also cut down on the time it takes to complete projects because of their consistency allowing for one-pass line work. Overall they are the best pens/markers that I have used yet. They give a much cleaner look in the end.”


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