3/16/2012 | Product Reviews


Pen-Fessional : To Click Or Not To Click- An EnerGel-X Pen Review

This review was written by Matt Kaspar, a Pentel PEN-fessional. Matt received no monetary compensation for this review.

To click or not to click, that’s the question I’ve never wanted to ask or answer. Over my handwriting lifespan I have never taken to retractable pens. The ink was globby or came out in erratic bursts, the clicker worked about a half dozen times and then broke, and it seemed that the point wobbled and wiggled about making an adventure as to what was actually appeared on the paper.

When I got some retractable EnerGelX pens from Pentel, an involuntary gasp of surprise hit me. Oh no! This will not go well. I have been using the pens for several weeks now, and the verdict is finally in – no regrets and in fact I can confidently recommend them to anyone.


These EnerGel pens are 0.7 point liquid ink. I have been using black, red, green, and purple and all the ink colors are consistent in their delivery and appearance, in that a light touch lays down a smooth line, and dries quickly to the touch. Being left-handed I am sensitive to smearing and I haven’t experienced any problems. The grip is fixed and doesn’t spin around – sidenote: I am not a big fan of grips either, something always goes wrong with them – these grips have actually felt like they are part of the pen. I am a “high gripper” (holding pen up a ways from the point) and the grip actually helps. Lastly the clicker has not failed, meaning if anyone is an over-clicker (a nervous repetitive clicker) that these pens will keep up.

As a special treat I have a 0.5 blue retractable EnerGel. Yeah. I prefer the 0.5 size point and this one delivers extra nice fine lines, no swings and misses, or errors; its a personal favorite.


My only quarrel with Pentel and these pens is the clear plastic barrel. Its a personal preference, but I have already gotten over it.

And overcoming my last worry, writing with any of these pens – and they get quite a workout in a business and manufacturing concern, signatures, meeting notes, documents, etc – the point is steady. I was afraid of the almost imperceptible movement, wobble, or push when putting point to paper, but its not there. A nice steady point while writing.

As a final endorsement, our CEO was signing several documents using one of my pens. This is someone I have seen break a 0.9mm pencil lead while writing. After finishing he hands the pen to me and said, “Nice pen.” Now that is a good impression.

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