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Pen-Fessional: How To Scare A Civilian

This review was written by Lydia from Understand Blue, a Pentel PEN-fessional. Lydia received no monetary compensation for this entry.

And by civilian, I mean a non-crafter.


I’m sorry – I should have warned you before I informed you that there are, indeed, people in this world who do not craft things. I hope you’re okay and haven’t fainted.

Anyway, sometimes I say or type things that I realize have probably truly frightened non-crafters into thinking I’m a serial killer.

Examples include:

“I’m using a bone folder”
“Here are the pieces you will use for eyes”
“Punch the heads first”
“Cut off the legs before you stick it down”
“I’m embossing skeletons”
The list goes on and on.

As I said, it’s not all glitter and ribbons. Fear us. We are unpredictable and dangerous people. You should give us your credit cards and we will spare you.

I really was embossing a skeleton though. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wanted to make a Halloween card to celebrate the day I put my pumpkins out and my wreath of bones on the door. Mwahahahahahahah!

Sorry – I got caught up in that for a second. Anyway, I wanted to really liven up my skelly this time. I needed him to glow a bit.

So here’s what I did:

I used Basic Black craft ink and clear embossing powder to emboss the skelly from Piece of Poison on a piece of Basic Grey cardstock.
I did the same for the Halloween greeting from Lighthearted, except I did that one on Basic Black cardstock.
Then I took my Pentel Sunburst Metallic in silver and colored in all the bony bits – how cool is this?
I did the same with the greeting. The pen tip is really fine, so you can see the detail of the small pumpkin and the small print that says Halloween. Amazing, right? I’m super picky about my metallic pens and I’ve tried them all – I don’t like the ones that rub off, or metallics that aren’t really bright metallics. These rock – the silver and the gold are downright spooky cool.

Now, Leslie, I apologize – Leslie hates close-ups – but I did want to show you that it’s really reflective and silvery, like my glimmer paper. The background paper is Pick Your Poison, and Silver Glimmer Paper. The ribbon was a gift from my friend Lee.

See? Embossing skeletons isn’t as scary as it sounds, eh?

Or is it?

I will leave you to wonder…

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