Pentel Arts Sign Pen

Pentel Arts Sign Pen

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Pentel Handwriting Challenge #2: Write On!

The Details: Grab the most unusual object around the house. Pick up  any writing instrument and write anything on it.  Example: Write “hello!” on a potato chip. Take a picture showcasing your accomplishment. Upload your picture to Facebook, Instagram, OR Twitter using the hashtag #PentelChallenge.  Note: Your entry won’t show up if you have a […]

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Pentel Handwriting Challenge #1: The Fine Print

For the next three weeks, in honor of National Handwriting Day, we will be hosting The Pentel Handwriting Challenge. Each week there will be a new challenge that puts your handwriting skills to the test; and each week there will be a randomly selected winner. Below, you’ll find out everything you need to know about […]

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The Pentel Handwriting Challenge

We are gearing up for National Handwriting Day, January 23rd! In celebration, this year we will be hosting a three-week challenge on ALL our social platforms. The Details:  At the beginning of each week, starting January 11th, we will unveil a unique challenge centered around handwriting. You will then have seven days to submit your entry. After all three […]

12/23/2015 | DIY/Creative Ideas, Fan Art, Guest Post, Special Occasions


DIY Holiday Gift Wrap: Upcycle Kids Art

Kids and markers go together like peanut butter and jelly. The fun never ends! And if there is one thing that kids love as much as markers, it’s a giant piece of blank paper where their imaginations can run wild. Why not show off their artwork in new ways that are not only beautiful, but […]

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Holiday Memories Illustrated by Joey Ellis

“We went snow sledding for the first time and we plunged face first towards a telephone pole. We bounced off the pole into a pile of snow.” – Holiday Giveaway Entry Thank you everyone who participated in our holiday giveaway. The winners have been notified and gifts are on their way. Congratulations to our winners: Linda […]