3/21/2011 | Product Reviews


Motivation Monday – Your 9 To 5 Workday Pen

Ah, THEE work pen. You know, that very favorite pen that you have that has somehow managed to resist being stolen by your co-worker in the cubicle next to you. That ONE pen that is always there when you need to jot down a quick note…..That ONE pen that you constantly click throughout the day to soothe your stress as your workload piles up. Yeah, that one.

Did YOU chose it or did IT choose you? Well, if the relationship was planned or just somehow happened, bottom line is, it is there. It has helped you get through those long grueling days. The relationship is established and there is NO letting go without a fight!

For those of you still desperately looking to find that ONE perfect 9 to 5 pen, here are 2 of my favorites:


EnerGel – Ink is quick-drying so if your job requires you to take numerous notes on the fly, this pen works wonders. Also, if you are a lefty, the quick-drying ink will keep those smudges to a bare minimum.



Slicci – Ideal for the person who LOVES to write in small, intricate detail. The 0.25mm tip allows you to do so. Also, the Slicci comes in 8 fabulous colors, so if you are itching to add some flavor to your day, you can spice it up with the array of Slicci colors available. Oh, great for doodling while stuck in long meetings too (but don’t let your boss know we told you so).

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