8/22/2011 | DIY/Creative Ideas


Motivation Monday – Projects To Create Back-To-School Excitement

Transitioning from sunny afternoons at the pool to long days in a classroom isn’t easy for some children, especially when it’s still nice outside. But if you involve your kids in a few simple projects that stimulate learning and creativity, you can get them excited about the new school year.

There are a lot of easy, inexpensive projects parents and children can do together that can prepare them for the routine of homework and make them look forward to going back to school.


Here are three fun project ideas that can help ease your child into the new school year.

See The World from Home


Get a white board at your local office supply store or a large piece of butcher block paper. If using the white board you can use Pentel Dry Erase Markers. If using paper, use the Handy-line S Markers. Have your children draw the continents. Both the markers and the dry erase markers come in different colors they can have some fun with this. You can alter the difficulty level for younger children by drawing in a continent or two as a starting point. They’ll love showing you how much they already know and will actually look forward to learning more.


Create a Homework Retreat with Supplies

If it’s a daily struggle to get your kids to sit down and focus on homework, why not designate an old desk or table to create a personal homework hot spot? They’ll love creating their very own “office” to get their schoolwork done. If you have an old desk let them decorate it with permanent markers and stickers. Add in the right school supplies and they’ll be all set! Think of pens, automatic pencils,erasers, rulers, and arts supplies to last them through the school year.


Organize! Organize!

To keep schoolwork organized, put a file cabinet in your kids’ room to file their A-plus work and other important papers. Get some blank stickers for them to write on so they know what’s in each drawer. Get a calendar for them to write on, a message board and a board for a to-do list. It also gives your kids a place to write down homework assignments so they can easily keep track of when they are due.

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