7/18/2011 | Causes


Motivation Monday – Ink In Pink

According to the American Cancer Society, one in eight women will experience breast cancer during her lifetime. Advances are being made every day to catch breast cancer earlier and treat it effectively once it’s caught. Due partially to improved treatment options, approximately 2.5 million breast cancer survivors are living in the United States today.

Pentel of America, Ltd. is a dedicated sponsor of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Our “Pink” line of products were designed to create a fabulous writing experience as well as support a meaningful cause.

The variety of “Pink” products that we offer ranges from pens, to pencils, to study packs. These are not just ordinary pens and pencils….they are pens with meaning and pencils with a purpose.

For each “Pink” product sold, we will donate five cents to the Breast Cancer Reasarch Foundation.

Our strive to make the world a healthier, cancer-free place continues to be a important priority for us.

Check out our “Pink” products and join us in making a difference!

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