3/7/2011 | Education


Motivation Monday – How Many Pentel Products Do We Need To Survive?

This morning, my co-worker and I were discussing the fact that today is Employee Appreciation Day! I happened to glance over at the FOUR big tubs full of Pentel products at her desk. I laughed. She asked “what are you laughing at”? I said “Just look at how many pens and pencils you have on your desk”! She said “well, have you taken a look at your desk lately”? In fact, I hadn’t. I walked over and looked at the THREE giant tubs of Pentel products sitting alongside my desk as well. I laughed again…”you are right” I said. I’d been so busy the past few weeks, I hadn’t taken any notice to the stockpiles of Pentel products accumulating at my desk.

Then it dawned on me…wouldn’t it be funny to grab a camera and take pictures of JUST the writing instruments on each of our desks here in the Marketing Department? So I did. My co-workers looked at me like I was crazy for doing so…but I had a point to prove. No number of Pentel products is too many to have at your desk. Just take a look for yourself. It seems as though they all agree! Just some of the perks for working for Pentel!

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