12/9/2011 | Fan Art


Meet Our Newest Featured Artists

Without the passion for all things creative, we wouldn’t have our Pentel Arts products! Every day we are reminded of the amazing artistic talent people can posses through our ‘Featured Artists’. Today, we are happy to introduce to you our newest featured artists; fans, meet Jackie Lewis Kresta Effendi, and Berto Herrera.

Jackie Lewis- A recent graduate from SCAD Atlanta, Jackie Lewis is now a comic book artist for Oni Press. Her first published work, Roller Derby Rules!, appeared in Jam: Tales From the World of Roller Derby. Her Sad Baby Monsters mini has been featured on Comics Alliance. Her first full-length graphic novel is being released mid-2012. You can follow her at http://jackiemakescomics.blogspot.com/ or http://jackiemakesart.tumblr.com/.

Kresta Effendi- I love anything colorful and simple. I love everything that involves colors. Most of my artworks were made by Pentel oil pastels, because I love how the colors are bright and bold. Here is my blog where all of my drawings were colored by Pentel oil pastels. http://drawitoutwithcolors.tumblr.com/

Berto Herrera- I am a veteran of the Air Force and have gone to Parsons School of Design. My client list is very large. Through years of honing my skills I’ve found my love for typography mainly focused on custom pieces and have studied under some of the world’s best calligrapher’s and sign painters. Type is life & ink is the blood that runs through it! www.bertolegendaryh.com

You can become a Featured Artist too!

Art is the expression of creative skill and imagination. Whether you are a pro or a novice, we urge you to embrace your expressive power. You too can become a featured artist and show the world how you express yourself through writing tools, Sign-up here!

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