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Marbleizing with Water Color and Shaving Cream

Marble patterns are one of the hottest fashion and décor trends of 2015. While traditional marbleizing techniques involve a complicated process of floating oil-based paint on warm water baths, it’s easy to marble paint at home using Pentel’s water color paints and a friendly visitor from the medicine cabinet: shaving cream.

2 twin-image

This project is kid-friendly with easy clean up, but the results are far more sophisticated. Want to learn how? Keep going!

3 Materials


  • Pentel Arts Water Colors
  • Shaving cream (regular, not gel)
  • Cookie sheet or tray
  • Pipettes or eyedroppers (paint brushes will work in a pinch)
  • Toothpick
  • White cardstock
  • Spatula or straight-edge ruler

4 shaving-cream-in-tray
Squirt a generous amount of shaving cream into the tray. Give it a moment to expand, then go back and add more as needed.

5 flatten-shaving-cream-

Smooth out the shaving cream into a level surface (an old gift card or scrap of cardboard will do the job nicely).

6 paint-close-up
In a plastic pallet or water-proof container, mix a peanut-sized amount of paint with one tablespoon of water.

7 eye-dropper
Load the pipette with paint by squeezing the top, then releasing. If you do not have pipettes or an eyedropper, you can also load a paintbrush with paint, just be sure to wipe it off between colors.

8 squirt-paint-lines
Use the pipette to swipe long, random stripes across the surface of the shaving cream. Alternate between paint and shaving cream enough that at least 10% of the surface is covered with paint.

9 swirl-cream-paint
Use a toothpick to swirl the stripes, creating large loops and organic shapes. Be careful to not over mix!

10 pat-down

Take a flat piece of white cardstock and press it to the surface of the shaving cream in one smooth movement. As soon as it sticks to the shaving cream, use your hands to press it into the shaving cream, making sure every inch of the paper makes contact with the paint and shaving cream below. Note, you can use regular white paper instead of cardstock, just be sure it is absorbent and non-glossy. You will find better results if the paint sticks to a porous/absorbent surface.

11 lift-up
Peel up the paper and set it dry-side-down on a flat surface.

12 scrape-away-shaving-cream
Use a spatula or flat-edged ruler to swipe away the shaving cream. Try to remove as much shaving cream as you can in one or two swoops, but if there are some foamy spots left, don’t worry. In a few hours most of the shaving cream will dissolve and evaporate, and it will be easy to wipe away any residual soap with a paper towel.

13 Marble-close-up
Stand back and admire your work!

14 marble-painting-1500

Use your newly marbled creation for wrapping presents, making cards, or just to hang up as art in your home. Nobody will ever guess you made it yourself with paint and shaving cream!

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