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Little Hero Oscar W.

During the month of September we’ve partnered with Little Hero Capes, an organization that makes superhero capes for kids facing challenges, to donate capes and products to some pretty awesome kids. We’re honored to share Oscar’s story, a 2-year-old boy who has struggled with many medical conditions including sleep apnea and airway blockages in his first year and half of life. Read more below and learn how you can donate a Little Hero Cape!

This is my son, Oscar. The first year and a half of his life were horrible. He screamed incessantly. He never slept for more than an hour at a time. Despite many trips to doctors, no one could figure out what was wrong. He was diagnosed with severe reflux, but most of the medications didn’t work. They couldn’t figure out why he wouldn’t sleep, and they told us he’d outgrow it. But he was so sleep deprived that it affected him all day and night. Eventually through persistence, we were able to find a doctor who found out the root of his problems, and they were medical. He had severe sleep apnea and would stop breathing in his sleep. His adenoids were almost completely blocking his airway, making sleep very difficult. He had surgery to correct this when he was one and a half, and he has been a completely different kid ever since! My husband and I feel so terrible about his first year and a half of life, since he was so miserable all the time. But life doesn’t have to be miserable, and he’s finally able to see that firsthand! And he won’t get the smile off his face these days. The smallest things make him happy! He really is a little hero for making it to this point and still smiling.

Join us in celebrating little heroes! Is there an everyday hero in your life that you’d like to honor? Submit your Power of Pentel Hero story and you could win a backpack full of goodies for you and your hero. You have until the end of September to win. Learn more.

You can also donate a cape to a special child in your life. To learn more about Little Hero Capes‘ cause to empower kids who are facing challenges, you can visit Little Hero Capes, Donate a Cape.

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