2/9/2011 | Special Occasions


Little Cupids Can Make A Valentine’S Day Photo Frame With Pentel – Spirit Of Wonder Wednesday

Here’s a craft that will be easy for your little cupids to color in and give as a gift for Mom, Dad, Grandparents or teachers. Homemade gifts come straight from the heart to show you care on Valentine’s Day.



  1. Click to print out the frame template. Trim paper on outside of design, 8″x 10″.
  2. Place 8″ x 10″ transfer paper (dark side down) on front of mat. Lay design face up over transfer paper; tape to hold while you trace. Transfer design to mat by tracing over all lines of design with pencil, using medium pressure. Remove design and transfer papers from mat and discard.
  3. Using black sign pen, go over design on mat to widen and darken lines. When finished, use clean white eraser and remove any graphite marks.
  4. Using the Pentel Sign pens in red and pink, color in the design using the color picture as a guide. Use the Slicci metallic pens as accents.
  5. Tape your favorite photo to the back of the mat, frame, and enjoy!
  6. Or, just print out the template, color in the design, and glue to the photo frame mat!



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