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Listen To Your Soul


The question “Where do you want to go…?” seems simple enough. And for us at Pentel we hope that every product we produce helps to take people where their minds want to go as they write, draw, or create. But for entrepreneur Jennifer Boonlorn (@soulcarrier) that very question carries both a tragic and life-affirming resonance.

You see, those six words were that last thing she heard from her mother before a car struck her family’s vehicle and took the lives of both her parents. From that moment on, the question “Where do you want to go?” became a mantra pumping through her veins, motivating her to tune out the noise, follow her heart, and forge her own path.

And forge her own path she did. While attending college to become a lawyer, she did some introspection and realized her heart did not lie with law school, but rather with the arts. So she said goodbye to a life of law and hello to the world of fashion. Soon, she was able to turn that passion into realizing her dream of starting up a high-end handbag brand. That brand is Soul Carrier. A name inspired by Jennifer’s mindset to: let your soul carry you wherever you want to go.


Now, you’re probably thinking where does Pentel come into play with all this? Well, she’s a self-prescribed pen/pencil fanatic and throughout college, fashion school, and even in the planning stages of her brand, she would turn to her Pentel Sharp™automatic pencil to help get her ideas out on paper. But more importantly, that pencil enabled her to express her soul.

And that’s truly the point Jennifer wants people to take from herself and her brand — to “Listen to your soul.” When asked why that’s the point she champions, she replied, “Because going back to the question ‘Where do you want to go?’, whatever that answer is, that’s your soul speaking. So listen to that and you’ll never go down the wrong path.”

That’s something we can surely get behind.

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