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Left-Handed Presidents – Finish Line Friday

Happy President’s Day weekend! Do you know how many left-handed presidents there have been and can you name them? There’s an EnerGel pen waiting for the first person to correctly name the presidents!

Since left-handed people have to place their hand over the paper as they write, the ink has a tendency to smear. That’s why the Pentel EnerGel works so well for left-handed people. Not only does it write smoothly at any angle, it is QUICK-drying so there’s no time for it to smear!

Check out our YouTube Channel for more Pentel videos.

Back to the question…what are the names of the left-handed Presidents of the United States. Be the first to comment here and win a pen! Here’s a hint:


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September 9, 2016 at 9:06 pm

kalau gemuk pun ngko apsal..?? ngko jamin ke yg ngko takkan gemuk lg seploh tahun akan dtg, tuhan bg ngko penyakit ke, jap jek badan ngko leh jadik macam belon…klau ngata org, mmg serah kat ngko lah..

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