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Kids Write the Darndest Things

Kids have the biggest hearts, but this doesn’t always show when pencil meets paper. Read below and you’ll see why we love when Kids Write the Darndest Things.

 #5: It’s important to have attainable goals.


Photo credit: http://imgur.com/VaY4P

#4: They give realistic advice that should be heeded.

Photo credit: http://imgur.com/VaY4P

#3: They have no problem asking for what they want.

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Photo credit: http://imgur.com/6RNc6L0

#2: They understand that sometimes life isn’t fair.

Photo credit: http://www.dumpaday.com/random-pictures/funny-pictures/kids-can-write-the-funniest-things-35-pics/

#1: It’s okay to be honest.


Text credit: http://www.dumpaday.com/random-pictures/funny-pictures/kids-can-write-the-funniest-things-35-pics/

What are some of the clever things that your little ones share with you?

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