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Inspired Gift Wrapping: DIY Watercolor Gift Tags

Supplies Needed:


Step 1:
Find scrap paper or sheets of heavy card stock and cut your tag shapes. I go ahead and cut them down, but if you want to wait until after painting you can do that as well.


Step 2:
Use a hole punch to create a hole at the top of you tag.

Step 3:

Using your paint brush, Pentel Water Colors and water, begin adding water to the pigment. Once the water begins to become flush with color take your brush and begin to paint your tag from the bottom up.


Step 4:
Set aside the painted tags to dry.


Step 5:
From here you can layer color onto the tag. Make sure that in-between each layer you allow for it to dry so the hue will really pop once you apply it and not muddle down into the existing color.


Step 6:
Once your watercolor layers on your tag are complete you can choose to decorate your tag with the Pentel Metallic Brush Pen or move straight to adding the names. This step is completely up to you, but it is fun to add dashes of gold color. There are other Pentel Metallic Brush Pen colors available if you want to try a different one.


Step 7:
When applying the name with the Pentel Sunburst Metallic Gold Gel Pen, take your time and make it fun! Fun is what this project is all about.


Step 8:
Use a cotton twill tape or twine and loop it through the punched out hole and apply it to a gift for a super fun addition to the wrapping!



Once you complete the tag, I am sure you can imagine how much more you can do. We did a DIY wedding invitation and response card using the Pentel Water Colors and Pentel Sunburst Metallic Gold Gel Pen!


Happy Creating, Kristen Ley and Team Thimblepress


KristinKristen Ley is the owner and creative behind Thimblepress. Not only is Thimblepress a letterpress studio, it is an art studio, sewing studio, design studio, woodworking studio, and basically anything creative that Kristen wants to try her hand at next. You can follow Kristen on the Thimblepress blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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Comment from Bee Eastman
October 26, 2014 at 5:54 pm

It says you are basically creative on anything ~ I was wondering if you would be interested in decorating my front first pages of all my social media platforms for Pushing-Papers – they could all be the same, just different sizes? I would expect we would set-up a price. I’d be honored and look forward to hearing from you. Bee Eastman | Pushing-Papers

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