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Handwriting Lessons At Home

Now a day’s many schools are removing handwriting lessons from the curriculum. In many cases parents must be diligent in teaching on their own. Help your children get ahead by practicing cursive at home.

Here are 8 tips from MSN Mom’s Homeroom.

1. Warm up their cursive

2. It’s all about the connections

3. Learn who’s the boss

4. The printing secret

5. Demonstration is important

6. Cursive doesn’t have to be fancy

7. Get creative

8. Don’t spend more than 10 minutes a day

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What our fans are saying:

“They have taken cursive out to they can prepare more for state tests. It is introduced in 2nd grade and dropped by 4th.” — Michelle L.

“How are people supposed to sign their legal documents? With block printing? Aaarrghhh!” — Marsha L.

“Cursive is not encouraged at school (Jr/Sr High) from what my kids tell me. I think the best way to get them to write cursive is by writing letters to their Grandparents and that is a positive situation all the way around!” — Sharla L.

“Its sad- cursive writing wasn’t required too much in elementary school when my son was younger. He is now a junior in high school, and its technology all the way. Its sad, really. …” — Anne M.

“Pretty soon, children will not be able to read cursive. They stopped teaching it here. That is so sad when people can type and text and not write a letter. They even print their name when signing check or documents. Where is the technology world going to stop and let us be real people again?” — Susan C.

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