7/22/2011 | Product Reviews


Finish Line Friday – Pentel Wet Erase = Summer Fun

Summer. When I think of summer, I smell sunscreen. Coconuts. Chlorine. Yes, I’m spending quite a few days at the pool this summer, but it’s not what you think. Instead a fancy resort pool, cocktail in hand- my summer looks more like this:


I have now entered the realm of parenting that involves swim meets. Hot, sweaty swim meets. Swim meets with timers. Bull horns. Ribbons. Tents. It’s not all bad though. I get a kick out of seeing the little swimmers Harry Potter-fied in their goggles.


The little Harry Potter swimmers need a lot of encouraging. Swim meets can be tough. The dreaded bullhorn and the announcement of “Participation in lane 2” (i.e. disqualification) leaves many swimmers in dread. What’s a parent to do?

Enter the Pentel Wet Erase Chalk Marker.


As my official summer swim team weapon of encouragement, the Pentel Wet Erase is PERFECT to decorate one’s car before meets. It’s what all the chic minivans are wearing this summer.

The pens have a nice thick barrel. I got my anklebiters to shake them for a bit, and then after squeezing the barrel- we were ready to go. Please disregard the dirty minivan, and only pay attention to the awesome windows.




The kids loved it. It gave them a much needed boost of confidence. Take a look for yourself!


Thanks Pentel- I have now added Wet Erase Markers to my summer pool bag of tricks!

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