12/20/2012 | Fan Art


Featured Artist: The Art Of Shauna Panczyszyn

Wow! Who knew lettering could be so much fun? Well, Shauna Panczyszyn does. She’s a lettering artist with a ton of talent. Take a look at the beautiful lettering that she does with Pentel in hand!

1. What is one aspect of drawing/sketching/inking that you give the highest priority to?

The concepting phase. The best ideas come to me when I allow myself to just let my mind wander and sketch only in pen.

2. What is one drawing tool that you use regularly?

I use my Pentel Tradio Stylo pen for a lot of inking and loose sketching when I’m working on new lettering pieces. I also use several different Pentel brush pens to achieve different looks.

3. Do you have any drawing-related resources that you highly recommend reading?

Any Skillshare class on Lettering. I personally love Mary Kate McDevitt’s, Molly Jacques’ and Jessica Hische’s classes.

4. Is there a magazine you read on a daily/weekly basis (online or offline)?

I don’t usually have time to read magazines, but when I do I read Computer Arts magazine. It’s been one of my favorites for years.

5. Please share 2 or 3 of your illustrations with us.

I am a chalk lettering artist and I love creating side projects to push my skills. Recently I created a holiday print just for fun because Christmas is my favorite time of the year.


I love to create art that makes people happy, and has something to do with drinking coffee. I had this saying in my head for a few weeks and decided to letter it and pair it with a coffee cup with it.


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