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Featured Artist: The Art Of Mark Stroud

1. What is one aspect of drawing/sketching/inking that you give the highest priority to?

The main priority in any work I do is narrative. I have grown up reading picture books and comic books and I love how the words and pictures tell a story and as an artist if I can do that just with the art it gives the words that much more meaning and power.

2. What is one drawing tool that you use regularly?

A tool I use almost always use is a Pentel Pocket Brush pen, I love how I can take it anywhere and I don’t have to clean it or do any maintenance (only replace the ink once in a while). I also like how the brush keeps a clean line and the varying weights I can do just by adding pressure.

3. Do you have any drawing-related resources that you highly recommend reading?

I would say without a shadow of a doubt the most helpful book I read (and I read a lot on sequential art) was “Making comics” by Scott McCloud. It really opened my eyes to what was missing in my work and gave valuable insight into what was possible. It helped with more than just comics but also illustration work and what kind of message you are trying to send with your work, what do you want it to do.

4. Is there a magazine you read on a daily/weekly basis (online or offline)?

I don’t tend to read magazines weekly but I read comics like The Walking Dead and Invincible each month and daily I will look at Twitter and see what some of my favourite Illustrators are up to as it always makes me want to better myself.

5. Please share some of your illustrations with us.

The Illustrations I shared with you were for my own benefit and for my portfolio, I was trying a new style which I really like using now. I had a story in my head the whole time and wrote cliff notes down but it was never intended to be a full on picture book or even readable as a coherent tale just an example of what I was capable of really using this way of working. Robots have always had a strange attraction for me as I grew up watching Transformers so some of that was bound to have an influence somehow.

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