11/15/2013 | Fan Art


Featured Artist: The Art Of Carlos Rodríguez

This week we’re featuring the art of Carlos Rodriguez, his drawing tool of choice is our Pentel Pocket Brush Pen. Take a look at some of his Pentel-powered art work:

1. One aspect of drawing/sketching/inking that you give the highest priority to.
When I sketch, my priority is the originality; each drawing have to show something unique and different to me. While drawing, nowadays (due to my skill’s evolution) I’m trying my best to provide movement to the drawing. And when it comes to inking, which I enjoy a lot by the way, the smoothness and strength of the stroke are crucial to me.

2. One drawing tool that you regularly
Since I discovered the brushpens long ago, they have become my favourite tool. The way they allow me to play with the thickness of the stroke helps me to give strenght to my drawings (at least it is what I try). If I have to choose one, that would be the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen (and, I promise, my decision has nothing to do with the fact that I am writing in the brand blog) It was more difficult to use properly, and sometimes it still is, but that’s because is the closest tool to a real brush that I have found so far.

3. One drawing-related resource you highly recommend reading.
“Drawing from life” by George B. Bridgman. It is the book that I’m reading now, an artist that I admire a lot (Pepe Larraz) recently recommend it to me and indeed it is one of the best anatomy manuals I’ve ever read.

4. One magazine you read on a daily/weekly basis (online or offline).
I don’t read any magazine, instead I prefer to visit the blogs or Youtube channels of the artists I admire. Will Terrell is one of them. In his channel he explains different aspects of being an artist, give tips to improve your skills, etc. And he is a fantastic person too (Is really funny when it laughs while drawing, that shows he enjoys it a lot and I love it!).

5. Please share 2 or 3 of your illustrations with us and what inspired you to draw them.

Demon: Surprisingly, the moment I usually get most inspired is when I go to bed. One night, just before I fell asleep, I imagined this demon. I guess it is that I had just visited Skottie Young’s Tumblr and it influenced me. I think it also has some of Tim Burton’s influences. Really happy with it.


Young Justice: This drawing was completely improvised. One morning last summer, my cousin arrived home and asked me to draw with her. While she was drawing next to me, I started to sketch without any clear idea, I just wanted to create something with a cartoon style. Just when I finished the first face, Flash, I realized I had to draw a young justice league, each one with different drawing features.

Sin título

Marvel Minions: Everyone loves minions! Thats the reason I drew them, but giving them my own touch. My girlfriend had been asking me for an illustration; however, I never ended up making it for her. When that idea came to my mind, I immediately knew that was the perfect drawing for her (well, option B was a The Lord of the Rings minion scene, which she loves a lot too). The piece is composed by two different sheets because I wanted each one of them to have a unique finished illustration itself, and when you combine them, the effect multiplies. Unlike the two others, this one was colored with watercolors.


Thanks everyone for reading about me, hope you enjoy it! And thanks Pentel for give me the opportunity to write here. If some of you want to see some of my other drawings, please, visit my Twitter account @Linareslini. Soon I’ll launch a blog with all of them and a little comic project I’m preparing with one friend.

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