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Feature Friday: The Art Of Ray Wegner

This week we’re featuring the Art of Ray Wegner, no stranger to drawing and sketching, Ray shares his favorite tool and the art books that inspire him to up his game!

1. What is one aspect of drawing/sketching/inking that you give the highest priority to?

I give the highest priority in my art process to the inking stage. For a long time I drew exclusively with pencil but a few years ago I decided to start experimenting with ink and I loved it. Every piece I do now starts with a very loose pencil sketch just to give myself a basic foundation. After that I’d say 85-90 percent of the details are added during inking. That way it feels like the piece really evolves from start to finish and I’m not just tracing over pencil lines with ink.

2. What is one drawing tool that you use regularly?

The one tool that I absolutely cannot live without is my Pentel Pocket Brush Pen. I use it on every single piece of art that I create. I love the natural feel of it and the varying line weights you can get with it. I also like the fact that the ink dries really fast and I’m not constantly smudging it all over the board. I also use the Pentel Color Brush quite a bit.

3. Do you have any drawing-related resources that you highly recommend reading?

I don’t refer to instructional resources as much as I did when I was younger. Now when I need some inspiration I dig into art books by some of my favorite artists, including Skottie Young, menton3, Ben Templesmith, Matteo Scalera and Creaturebox. They each have very different styles and are all incredibly inventive and creative. Looking at those books always gives me a shot in the arm to really up my game and do something fun and unique.

4. Is there a magazine you read on a daily/weekly basis (online or offline)?

I can’t say that I read any magazines regularly, but I do read a lot of comics! Books like Saga, East of West and American Vampire are a few of my favorites at the moment.

5. Please share 2 or 3 of your illustrations with us.

I do art for various different things. I’ve been drawing comics, doing custom commissioned work and I do a lot of art just for myself. Here’s some examples of each. You can see more of my work on my blog at raywegnerart.blogspot.com and I have lots of prints and original art available for purchase at raywegnerart.bigcartel.com.

This first one is a splash page from a comic story I did for an anthology series called Product of Society.

Image 1

This piece is an example of the custom commissions I do.

Image 2

This last one is from my personal work. It’s a concept piece for a comic book idea that I’ve been brainstorming on for a while.

Image 3

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