10/11/2013 | Fan Art


Feature Friday: The Art Of Bonnie Jean Woogler

Our featured artist this Friday is artist Bonnie Jean Woogler, a fan of Pentel of America she shared with us everything from the tools she uses, resources she recommends and some other great tips about her drawings. Get ready to take a look at her Pentel-powered Art.


1. What is one aspect of drawing/sketching/inking that you give the highest priority to?

I give the highest priority to the edges. I think about how one object or shape meets another. I think about how the lines meet up to create another line and how the texture and surface made by lines can make new lines.

2. What is one drawing tool that you use regularly?

It is not possible for me to say that there is just one drawing tool. Since I was a small child it has always been two tools. A pencil, mechanical now, to draw the map of the image on the page. Then I finish the drawing with a pen: ball point, fountain, or rapid-o-graph. Which pen I use is determined by what I am drawing and what type of paper I am using.

3. Do you have any drawing-related resources that you highly recommend reading?

The Art of Looking Sideways by Alan Fletcher is my go to book when the ideas are a little slow.

4. Is there a magazine you read on a daily/weekly basis (online or offline)?

There is not one magazine that I read each day or week. I use twitter as my “magazine”. I follow artists and pen makers, notebook makers, pen collectors and, of course, other artists. I then go to their suggestions for sites and articles for inspiration and information.

5. Please share 2 or 3 of your illustrations with us.

I am inspired by found objects. Things that I pick up on a walk or maybe some bit of packaging and things I can use as stencils to create new patterns and forms. The blue drawing was done with ball point pen and the shape itself was made by using a scarf hanger from a store as a stencil. I chose the pencil detail, renamed pencil map, as an example of the start of a drawing and I used ink detail (re-named finished ink) is the finished drawing post pencil.

Pencil Map & Finished Image

pencil map
finished ink-small
Scarf Hanger Template

scarf hanger template

One Fish

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