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Feature Friday: 5 Steps Used To Create The Power Of Pentel Illustrations

We’re so inspired by the Graphic Motion Artist behind the Power of Pentel, Jackie Whisler we wanted to know how she did it. From start to finish, what were the steps she took to create the inspirational superheroes that we can all relate to? She shared some quick steps with us, which will hopefully inspire you to put pen or pencil to paper.

Step 1: Creating the Concept

I drew small thumbnails or rough sketches to get a feel for the designs, layout and composition.


Step 2: Rough Sketches

Using my handy Pentel GraphGear 1000 Mechanical Pencil I drew each of the illustrations and backgrounds at the actual size, making sure to focus on the layout of each illustration.

Step 3: Outlines and Scanning

Next, I outlined the characters with the Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen which provided me with cleaner lines for when scanned the illustrations into the computer.


Step 4: Digital Finishing

Once the illustrations are scanned into the computer I use an intros tablet to clean up the ink lines further.


Step 5: Adding Dimension & Shading

Lastly and most importantly to add dimension and life to the drawings I used the tablet to add texture, shading and color which will bring the illustrations to life.


The more comfortable you get with the tools that you use the easier it gets to be creative. Enjoy the drawing adventure!

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