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Experiment: Do You Write Differently With Different Pens?

Do you have a favorite pen? I do.

I wanted my kids to experiment writing with pens so they could to find the delight of a good pen. And then use their favorite pen(s) to write. A lot. All the time. (With excellent handwriting, of course!)

Personally, my favorites pens are gel pens because they make my handwriting look delicious.

How about you? What about your kids? Do you have a favorite pen?

I asked my kids if they’d noticed a difference in their handwriting with different types of pens.

They weren’t sure.

So, we set up an experiment.

(This my friends, is the joy of having a teacher mom! Insert evil laugh: Mwahahaha.)

But it actually turned out really fun. And, my kids did adopt several favorite pens. And use them to write in their journals at night. Yeah for favorite pens!

easy and fun experiment wiht pens

STEAM Pen Experiment

Our pen experiment falls into the S.T.E.A.M. education category because it includes elements of science, art, and math. (I consider handwriting art in this case, don’t you?)

Before you begin, you’ll need an assortment of Pentel pens and blank paper or the printable chart. Click here to download a free printable comparison chart.

pen experiment

 1. Categories

My kids developed categories to evaluate each pen: flow, grip, neatness, and messiness.

However, feel free to change the categories to whatever your kids want to evaluate. Simply make your own chart on a large piece of blank paper.

 2. Hypothesis

Next, make a hypothesis of which pens you think will be best for your categories (flow, grip, neatness, and messiness) by using how the tip looks and the name of the pen.

STEAM Experiment with Writing

 3. Experiment: Writing Sample 

For each pen, write a sentence that uses all the words in the alphabet such as: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Random English Trivia: A sentence that uses every letter of the alphabet once is called a pangram. Another example of this is: The five boxing wizards jump quickly.

 For older kids, have them write a longer sample. See ideas on Pinterest for creative writing prompts and ideas.

Or have your children do copywork with the different pens. My kids don’t do copywork but I know it’s a popular homeschool activity for growing writers, especially in the primary grades.

 4. Score

For each category, rate the pen on a scale of 1 to 10. Later, you will use these number to get each pen’s average score.

comparing pens

 5. See Your Favorites

Determine the mean score for each pen to see which is your overall favorite for writing. Share the results.

Calculating the Average (or Mean): Add up all the numbers. Divide by how many numbers there are.

 Look back at your hypothesis. How did you do? What information would have made your hypothesis better?

 Now you can divide up the pens. Of course, try not to argue over who gets which pen!

 Now encourage your kids to use their new favorite pens for writing time at home.

Happy writing!

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