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Do-It-Yourself Home Textiles with Fabric Crayons

Here’s a terrific idea for anyone looking to design their own textiles! Pentel fabric crayons go on just about any natural fiber surface. They don’t bleed and the colors go on super saturated. Softer than regular crayons, but firm enough to sharpen to a pointed edge, they are a great way to let your imagination run wild!

2-Fabric-Crayon-Pillow (1)

Pillows are a great way to show off a bright swatch of color, especially if you had a hand in the creative process.

3 fabric-crayon-pillow-1000


4 crayon-drawing-stacks-1000

This pattern is made of clusters of circles, stacking one color on top of the other. Eventually bands of colors form and create a strong pattern. Anyone who can draw a circle can do this!

5 drawing-fabric-crayons-1000

In the center of every circle, add a small cross in a single color.

6 Ironing-Fabric-Crayons-1000

Using a piece of clean white paper as a buffer, use a hot iron to set the crayons.

7 kids-drawing-pillow

Stuff with a pillow and enjoy your work! A don’t worry too much about making something that looks “pretty.” Sometimes children’s drawings make the best artwork.

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