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Diy Paper Maché Easter Eggs

Easter. That special time of year when little ones light up with the anticipation of a surprise, hidden in bright plastic eggs. Easter Egg hunts for the girls and boys are a highlight of spring.

But why should kids get to have all the fun?

DIY paper maché eggs: an Easter-inspired project to delight the kid at heart through “throwback” materials from your youth that’ll make you wonder why you stopped dabbling in school glue, balloons and tissue paper in the first place.


Bonus: These adorable decorations are so bright and cheery, you can keep them around all season long for your enjoyment!

Supplies wou will need:


Water balloons
School glue
Water (to mix with the glue – equal parts)
Colored tissue paper (the more variety, the more colorful your eggs will be!)
Sponge brush
Empty egg carton (or any other non-stick surface for your paper maché to dry)
Your favorite Pentel pen. We chose the Slicci™ Metallic Gel Pen and Color Pens!


  1. Blow up your balloons to the size of your choice.
  2. IMG_0579

  3. Mix equal parts glue and water in a small bowl.
  4. Cut 2 inch squares of tissue paper.
  5. Layer the tissue paper onto the balloon, applying the glue mixture to each piece with a sponge brush, making sure not to layer over the knot. a. Pro tip: Apply at least 3-4 layers to ensure proper thickness! The layers do not need to dry before applying the next one.
  6. IMG_0584

  7. Set paper maché eggs in an empty egg carton, or another non-stick surface, to dry for at least 24 hours.
  8. Hold the knot and cut a hole in the balloon to release the air. Pull out the balloon from inside the paper maché egg.
  9. Decorate your egg with your favorite Pentel pens. We liked making geometric shapes or writing fun messages on ours.

Voila! You’ve created your very own DIY paper maché eggs. Enjoy, and Happy Spring!


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