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DIY Holiday Gift Wrap: Upcycle Kids Art

Kids and markers go together like peanut butter and jelly. The fun never ends! And if there is one thing that kids love as much as markers, it’s a giant piece of blank paper where their imaginations can run wild. Why not show off their artwork in new ways that are not only beautiful, but practical too? Let’s go!

P PIC5 drawing gift paper


  • Pentel Color Pens
  • Wrapping paper (leftover from other occasions is great so long as the reverse side is white or light colors)

P PIC3 Materials
Roll the paper out, blank side up, and let the munchkins go to town!

P PIC4 drawing table 2

When they are done, roll the paper back up and use it to wrap packages and presents. Kiddos can practice their letters by writing recipients name directly on the box.

Bonus Idea

Instead of presents, the roll makes a terrific tablecloth or dining table runner.

P PIC6 drawing table

This is perfect for a children’s table, as well as paired with your best dishes and flatware.

P PIC8 drawing fringe

For an extra special touch, use a pair of scissors to fringe the edges.

P PIC7 drawing paper square

Formal or informal, you know a great meal will be shared at this table. Enjoy!

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