4/10/2012 | DIY/Creative Ideas, Education


Creative Idea Using Pentel Supplies

This past year unique finger nail painting has become all the rage! See how The Beauty Department Blog is using our Pentel Clic Eraser to create a perfect look for spring, polka-dotted nails.

Here are the four simple steps straight from The Beauty Department:

  1. Get a straight pin. You’ll notice there are different sizes when you’re at a fabric store (we used superfine for this).
  2. Get a number 2 pencil with an eraser or one of those retractable erasers as seen above.
  3. Insert the pin into the eraser. Try to keep it straight. If you push it into the eraser and notice it’s crooked, just bend it a little to center it. That will insure you get a perfect dot every time.
  4. Dip + dot!

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