11/17/2011 | Education, Special Occasions


Create Your Own Holiday Traditions This Year

We are always inspired by the meaningful & unique holiday traditions families pass down from generation-to-generation. This year we came across one we had never heard of, and had to share it with all of you. Last week we posted a ‘how-to’ for adding holiday flare to your table décor, this week we touch on a table setting with meaning. Read through the story below and think of what you can do to bring personality to your table this year and then pass on your tradition.

“For many years my wife and I have had the honor of holding Thanksgiving at our house for the family. The first year we didn’t have much money, so we used some plain white sheets (we picked up on close-out for tablecloths) for the 20 or so people coming to dinner. We then marked the tablecloths using a laundry marker to outline place settings, wrote everyone’s name as to where they were to sit, etc. and had our feast. After dinner we thought it would be fun to have everyone write on the tablecloths with the laundry markers stating what they were thankful for, then sign and date it;thus began a tradition that continues to this day.”


“Every year we use the same tablecloth from previous years until they’re too full of writings and drawings and then we start new ones. Because we reused the tablecloths we stopped doing the place setting drawings and names since that changed each year. The old retired tablecloths are then displayed at Thanksgiving to become a wonderful reminder of dinners past and the people who attended, some of whom have passed on. For the last couple of years we have used the Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric pens so we have color ink instead of just black and people can draw easier with them as well as write. This tradition is one that will provide generations of our family enjoyment, retrospect and appreciation of the lives that past before them.” — Michael Lander, Sales Representative for Pentel

Now it’s your turn: All you will need is a white sheet and writing tools for fabric! Then, use your creativity to start your tradition. If you already have a family tradition, share it in the comments below!

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