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Create and Print Your Own DIY 2015 Calendar

In honor of January being National Handwriting Month, we have a really fun and completely free printable for you. This blank calendar can be filled in by children in their own handwriting and decorated to their liking! It is great practice for learning the days of the week, how many days are in each month, and the perfect way to practice handwriting. With technology taking over recently, we need to make a bigger effort to incorporating the art of handwriting into our daily lives and this calendar is a great way to do just that!




Step 1: In the top section have your child write the name of each month as well as decorate it accordingly.


Step 2: There is a short box above each column of days; in these spaces have your child write the days of the week.


Step 3: Your child can now fill in the dates in the bubbles. Make sure to help them start the month on the correct day of the week and include only as many days as there are in that particular month.



Step 4: Now it is time to start using the calendar and writing down important holidays, events, and any plans that you don’t want to forget!

This is a great FREE activity to do with your children for the new year. They will be able to practice their handwriting and have a handmade calendar all for themselves! Being able to see all the plans for the month, will help children be prepared, get excited, and be more responsible. The Pentel Slicci Gel Pens are great for this project and fun for kids to practice their handwriting with!

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June 15, 2020 at 6:31 pm

i want to make my own calendar but i can’t

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