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Create an Easy DIY Jack O’ Lantern Bag

Traditional plastic trick or treat buckets are useful for collecting candy on the Big Night but not very useful for much else. Create a candy collector with more mileage by making your own jack o lantern inspired canvas tote. Use it throughout October to cart lunches, library books and more before using it to hold goodies on Halloween night. Plus, because it rolls up small, it’s easy to store and use again next year.


Step 1: Prep

To prepare your bag for crafting, wash and dry it to remove any sizing. Iron it once dry to remove any wrinkles.

Jack o Lantern bag step 2 - outline

Step 2: Outline

Draw the outline of to Jack O lantern’s features using the black Fabric Fun Pastel Dye Stick.

Jack o Lantern bag step 3 - fill

Step 3: Fill

Use the Pentel Fabric Fun Dye Stick to fill in the shapes you drew in step 2.

Jack o Lantern bag step 4 - set

Step 4: Set

To set the dye and make it permanent, place the bag on an ironing board. Cover the design with a piece of plain white printer paper. Pass the iron over the paper to bond the dye to the fabric. Discard the paper.

Finished bag - no text

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