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Create a Customized Monogram
Pen & Pencil Bag for Back to School

There is no time like the start of the school year to get a little more organized. Organizing solutions work best when you enjoy using them. Lucky for you, the Pentel Handy-Line Permanent Markers can help you take a plain pencil bag and give it a little personalized oomph!

Not only is a personalized bag super fun, but it can be green, too! Use a higher quality cloth bag (instead of the see through vinyl cheapies) to have a supply stash that will last and last. Plus you’ll be happy knowing that the Handy-Line Permanent Markers are made with 55% post-consumer recycled plastic and they are refillable – which means less waste to end up in the landfills!


Step 1: Apply

Apply the sticker for your monogram to the front of the bag.

pen pouch step 1

Step 2: Trace

Trace the outline of the letter onto the bag using the marker.

pen pouch step 2

Step 3: Stipple

Gently use the tip of your marker to add dots radiating from the line out and away from the letter. I like the gradient look of having more dots very close to the line, which slowly thinned out so there were fewer dots further from the line.

pen pouch step 3

Step 4: Peel Away

Peel away the sticker and admire your work.

pen pouch step 4

Personalized pen pouch cover 1

Alternate Version:

Instead of just a monogram, try spelling out your name or a word like “pens” during step 1 for a fun alternative.

pen pouch alternative look

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