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Crafts And Arts This Month: Pentel Arts Makes It Fun

We’re right in the middle of American Craft Week (Oct. 1-10). Have you made any fun crafts lately? As far as I’m concerned it should be craft week every week between now and the end of the year. We have some big holidays coming up that are prime for creating your own decorations, gifts and costumes. Think of all the handmade objects that will enrich your lives. Here are some Halloween crafts you can do to have an eco-friendly Halloween:

halloween-window-decorWindow created with Pentel Arts Wet Erase Marker

This is a Halloween window that was decorated using Pentel Arts Wet Erase Markers. No paper was used so the decorations are eco-friendly and the kids can’t pull it down! The Wet Erase Markers come in two different widths and eight different colors and clean up easily. Save money and the earth by making your own decorations. The Wet Erase markers write on any dry non-porous material like glass and plastic. The ink is vivid and opaque once it’s dry yet wipes off easily with a damp cloth (and it won’t come off in the rain!).


Pentel Arts Gel Roller for Fabric and Fabric Fun Pastel Dye Sticks used to make these eco-friendly Halloween bags.

Here’s another idea for Halloween that’s eco-friendly and saves money as well. Take a reuseable cloth bag, turn it inside out, decorate it with Pentel fabric products and use it as a “Trick or Treat” bag. Many of our closets are full of nice canvas bags with various logos on them. When Halloween is over turn the bag back and use it again. This way, we’re reusing something we already have, saving money and helping the environment.

For costumes, use Pentel’s Fabric Fun Dye Sticks and Gel Roller for Fabric pens to decorate your own. Decorate your bags, costumes, baby’s bib, whatever you want. If you decorate a plain shirt that has been hanging in your closet you can save yourself some money!

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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