Pentel Arts Sign Pen

Pentel Arts Sign Pen
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7/2/2015 | Protected, Special Occasions


We Salute You

Today, we remember the fallen…but not the forgotten. #MemorialDay #WeSaluteYou  

6/29/2015 | Protected, Special Occasions


May the 4th

Original content developed to spark conversation around the unofficial Star Wars holiday, May the 4th. “An elegant weapon, from a more civilized age.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi #Maythe4th #StarWarsDay #Pentel

5/7/2015 | DIY/Creative Ideas, Special Occasions


Mother’s Day Pen Flower Craft

In celebration of Mother’s Day and in case you need a last minute gift, here is a bouquet of flowers that’s the perfect alternative to traditional gifts – it’s unlike any other. Just print, decorate, cut and add to your favorite Pentel Pens for an awesome gift. We prefer the green pens! Download PDF here or click the image […]

12/10/2014 | DIY/Creative Ideas, Special Occasions


Holiday Cards & Cheer

Greeting cards have been around for centuries, the ancient Chinese enjoyed sharing messages of good will and cheer to rejoice in the New Year, the Egyptians used papyrus scrolls to share kind words. They continue to be a traditional from of communicating friendship or sentiment. Well we couldn’t agree more especially when it comes to the holidays. […]

12/10/2014 | DIY/Creative Ideas, Guest Post, Special Occasions


Artwork Holiday Ornaments with Kids

Memorializing children’s artwork as a Christmas ornament is tricky when you use paper as it just doesn’t keep well from year to year. Instead, create ornaments using shrink film (think: DIY shrinky dinks) and turn their art work into durable, hangable art. Supplies Shrink film Pentel Handy-Line S Permanent Markers Scissors Hole punch Parchment paper […]