Pentel – Where to Buy

Pentel – Where to Buy
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1/8/2018 | Entertaining, Promotional


2018 Pentel Handwriting Challenge #1

For the next three weeks are hosting The Pentel Handwriting Challenge. Each week there will be a new challenge […]

12/11/2015 | Entertaining, Fan Art, Promotional, Special Occasions


Holiday Memories Illustrated by Joey Ellis

“We went snow sledding for the first time and we plunged face first towards a telephone pole. We […]

10/8/2015 | Entertaining, Uncategorized


Top 10 Pop Culture Quotes About Pens & Pencils

In our eyes, pens and pencils have always been stars. But most people just don’t realize how much […]

7/29/2015 | Entertaining, Promotional


Pentel “Share Your Secrets” Giveaway

Some things are worth sharing. Pentel of America has some secrets. Surprising, right!? For instance, did you know […]

7/20/2015 | Entertaining, Protected


Pens with Benefits

Social post featuring the benefits of Pentel’s EnerGel pen.