Pentel – Where to Buy

Pentel – Where to Buy
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10/21/2014 | Education


Color Exercise: My Favorite Color Is…

Here’s a fun, free exercise for your little ones: spur their imagination and see what they draw. Then, share your kids’ art on our Facebook Page or Twitter making them into a virtual refrigerator! Download the blank version here!

8/19/2014 | Education, Protected


It’s as easy as ABC…Flashcard Download

Shoutout to all the parents and teachers, our Educational Heroes of the Week. Many kids are starting school today and with this free flashcard download, teaching the alphabet has never been so easy. Simply click on the download link, print and cut.

11/25/2013 | DIY/Creative Ideas, Education


Fabric Fun With A Beautiful Mess

The creative and talented Elsie from A Beautiful Mess takes our Fabric Fun Pastel Dye Sticks for a test drive. Scroll down to see what she created! A simple heart sweater! And a geometric scarf! Watch her video tutorial and try your own project! We would love to see your imagination run wild.

8/23/2013 | Education, Promotional


Feature Friday: 5 Steps Used To Create The Power Of Pentel Illustrations

We’re so inspired by the Graphic Motion Artist behind the Power of Pentel, Jackie Whisler we wanted to know how she did it. From start to finish, what were the steps she took to create the inspirational superheroes that we can all relate to? She shared some quick steps with us, which will hopefully inspire […]

8/7/2013 | Education


The Office Stylist: Working On The Go? Here Are 5 Things You Need To Have!

“Working on the go is something that’s become a complete norm now with so many freelancers and telecommuters. Not every job requires travel but I’m talking about even the day to day of shuffling from meeting to meeting. I’d create a work on the go kit if I could OR you can just round up […]