Pentel Arts Sign Pen

Pentel Arts Sign Pen
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7/10/2013 | DIY/Creative Ideas, Education


The Office Stylist: Re-Style Your Workspace In 3 Easy Steps

I get it: sometimes looking at the same workspace every day can be and most likely is-boring. Chances are if you’re bored of your space, it could be distracting you and you may lose some of your focus. And like any change, re-styling your workspace can seen daunting or overwhelming. But you don’t need to […]

7/3/2013 | DIY/Creative Ideas, Education


The Office Stylist: How To Style Your Workspace When You Love Clutter

Looking for ideas to make your workspace more creative and enjoyable? Get a few tips from Sayeh, The Office Stylist. Pentel of America has partnered up with The Office Stylist to bring you the latest in office supply and work space trends, on a weekly basis! Check in every Wednesday for the latest. “I know […]

9/10/2012 | DIY/Creative Ideas, Education


Handwriting Lessons At Home

Now a day’s many schools are removing handwriting lessons from the curriculum. In many cases parents must be diligent in teaching on their own. Help your children get ahead by practicing cursive at home. Here are 8 tips from MSN Mom’s Homeroom. 1. Warm up their cursive 2. It’s all about the connections 3. Learn […]

6/25/2012 | Education


Jump Start Your Creativity!

Try something new to get your creativity flowing. The Wall Street Journal reports, many companies are encouraging employees to hand write or doodle to find inspiration! What are your best tips to get the wheels turning? Read more here!

5/31/2012 | Education, Product Reviews


Using Our Aquash Set Is Easy As 1-2-3!

It’s easy to turn your favorite sketch into an elaborate watercolor piece with our Aquash watercolor crayon and water brush set. Enjoy watercolor painting anywhere with this convenient tin for travel and storage. Try it out, and let us know what you think! Set includes: Water brush, ten vivid pigment crayons, blotting pad and crayons […]