3/28/2012 | Education, Fan Art


Behind The Scenes With Chris Koehler

We have been honored to work with the talented Chris Koehler over the past year. He is an inspiration to many budding artists. We would love if you could take the time to look at his work and connect with him!


“Here is the finish. This was almost all the neutrals set with a touch of pigment color brush. All Pentel, all the time..” — Chris Koehler



About The Artist:

“Chris Koehler is an award winning artist and illustrator working out of San Francisco. He has worked with Wired, Google, Coca Cola, MTV, Kenneth Cole, and The NFL, among others.

Chris also teaches in the illustration department at California College of the Arts and regularly shows in galleries.

He can often be found hunched over a sketchbook in a coffeeshop. He can also be found in his lavish mountain studio chalet watching Netflix, Hulu, or an aquarium screensaver with a bowl of ice cream and cookies.”

Check out all of his art here!

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