8/18/2010 | Product Reviews


Back To School With The Right Tools

Some might call me old-fashioned. I still like to read a paper newspaper! I like the feel of the paper in my hands and I like to turn real pages. Therefore I don’t have an e-reader. Having said that, I do have a cell phone and will admit that I text and I email. While I enjoy some electronic communication, I do miss the more personal communication of giving and receiving a hand-written note. My school-year resolution is:


I’m glad that schools today still require lead pencils (and therefore erasers). I know that some elementary school classrooms are going digital – not for the students but for the teachers. They use a “Smart Board” instead of a white board. Luckily, the students are still learning the three Rs with “real” writing instruments such as pencils, erasers, pens, and highlighters. Pentel can help by providing the right tools for the school year such as automatic pencils and erasers. Our pencil offerings are many and each comes in many different colors. That’s a lot of choices! But we want everyone to have the pencil they’ll be happy using. Don’t forget, since they’re refillable they can be used the whole year.


This pencil is the Twist Erase CLICK. It’s made from 59% Recycled Plastic which makes it easy for you to help the environment. Why use a wood pencil that has a lot of waste? Why not use a pencil that’s been made of plastic that was something else before? The Twist Erase CLICK pencil has a comfortable grip and a side advance, which makes it really easy to advance the lead. The eraser is extra long and is also refillable. You just twist it up to get more eraser.


Did you know that our lead is the #1 selling lead in the USA? The Pentel HB lead is also guaranteed to scan and is trusted by millions for their important tests and documents. Also, the lead case is made from 100% recycled plastic.

So, what’s the lesson learned today? Use a refillable automatic pencil. Use a high quality eraser. And use the #1 Selling Lead in the USA – Pentel! Some of your pencil choices are below. Leave a comment on what tools you’re going to be using this school year. I’m listening.


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